`Leroy Sané could be ruled out until March 2020

``🗣Ilkay Guendogan on being the most influential player in Europe statistically, towards the end of last season:

“I’ve read this as well. I’ve had it sent over from a few people. I’ve never really been a huge fan of statistics, and I’m still not...”


🗣 Ilkay Gundogan:

“It’s more what I’ve mentioned, the feeling that you’re able to get the best out of yourself and to deliver.

I think that is what I did, in the last months of the season. Having that amazing run at the end, winning 14 games in a row was incredible...”


Ilkay Gundogan:

“Being able to win the league again by one point shows how hard it was, and how necessary it was to win all those games. I don’t need statistics to prove it to myself. I had that feeling in the moment, straight after, and still right now.“

`Anti-doping officers tested Riyad Mahrez after Pep Guardiola revealed Manchester City’s fears the winger had taken a banned substance.

UK Anti-Doping then turned up at the CFA this week to test Mahrez, who has now been cleared to face West Ham.

🗣️ Pep Guardiola on Rodri:

"Of course [he's better than I was]! Holding midfielders today are more complete.

He will become a top, top midfielder for the future - he already is. You have to be for national team in Spain!"


``, `Leroy Sané could be ruled out until March 2020 by the knee injury he suffered in the Community Shield.

Tests have revealed anterior cruciate ligament damage and Sané will have surgery at the clinic of Ramon Cugat in Barcelona next week.

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